Word for the Travel Wise (06/20/06)

Lots of things going down in Switzerland these days and judging from their events calendar a lot of it deals with the sound of music. If festivals are your thing, Europe your destination of choice and Switzerland on your radar you may want to book your last-minute flight, say right now. Starting Friday, June 23 three music fests will be kicking off: Openair Frauenfeld, JazzAscona, and the St. Galler Festspiele, classic muzik festival. All of them sound quite promising and run throughout the weekend. If you can try making it a triple-header of musical sounds.

Today’s word is a Romansh word used in Switzerland:

allegra – hello

German is the most widely spoken language in Switzerland of the four national languages which also include; Italian, French, and Romansh. The Romansh language has a total of 50,000-70,000 speakers. It is a Romance lang and not truly a single language, but a group of closely-related languages or dialects. Depending on which region you’re traveling you may never need to use the Romansh language, but it never hurts to know. Head over to Websters Online Dictionary for decent size list of common Romansh words and their English equivalents or watch Romansh TV online at Radio e Televisiun Rumantscha. Lastly, check into Wiki for additional links and historical facts.