Blue Collar comedy star arrested for smoking pot on his own plane

Observant readers will notice that this piece of news is already several months old, and normally when I come across old news, I tend to ignore it.

However, this article was so funny, that I just had to share it with you.

Ron White, one of the members of the Blue Collar comedy lineup has made quite a decent living for himself – so decent, that he has his own private plane, and enough money left to buy substantial amounts of marijuana.

And boy does he like to smoke his pot. His pilots said that White smokes pot like a chain smoker smokes cigarettes.

Now, I’m not going to judge Ron White for smoking the occasional doobie, but to do so on your own jet, and allowing the smoke to enter the cabin is a real stupid move. And Ron White is the one that invented the term “you can’t fix stupid“.

When White landed in Florida last year September, the police were waiting for him, after they received an “anonymous tip”, most likely from one of his former disgruntled pilots.

Apparently the pot smoke in the cockpit was often so severe, that the pilots had to wear their oxygen masks to prevent getting high. FAA regulations are apparently quite strict about flying under the influence of drugs, you get caught, you lose your license.