GADLING’S TAKE FIVE: Week of June 18

Time for another end of the week compilation of Gadling goodies you may have let slide by during the busy week. Here’s a look at some of our fav five once more:

5. Great Bistros:
Nothing rocks the socks off a well-seasoned traveler more than well-seasoned, savory, delectable, and toothsome cuisine from the locale they’re visiting. Agree? Neil points us to a Travel + Leisure piece on Great Bistros of Provence and if your mouth isn’t already watering from the suspense then perhaps you should hurry up and check it out now. Then let your senses and buds be taken by the delicious descriptions of all the yummy finds you’re missing in Provence.

4. Roadside America:
Long road trip planned through some pretty sparse areas of the country? Feel as if attractions are to few and far in between you and your final destination? Worry not – Erik kindly directs our attention to a life and road trip saving site called Roadside America. We’ve talked about it before on Gadling, but with summer here now you’ll want to plan ahead to so not to miss the World’s Largest Ball of Twine. Far out, right?

3. Roots Travel – African Ancestry:
Great, great way to plan a trip to Africa and possibly learn something about your family’s lineage. African Ancestry is a company helping individuals trace their DNA and find their roots. Too cool if you’re an African American or anyone who feels they may have an ounce of African  blood in their family tree. I’m already on the bandwagon to discovering more about my own lineage.

2. World Refugee Day:
There is never enough to be said for the growing population of refugees and to highlight the contributions made by refugees worldwide there is World Refugee Day. Events don’t end on June 20 though. Read the blurb and find ways to lend your hand to refugees after the date.

1. How to Get it All Into One Bag:
Packing – one of the biggest pains in travel! Argh! Just when you think you’ve got it down to a science you do something boneheaded like pack (insert your very unnecessary item here) and find later that you’ve created one of the biggest headaches ever. Take a look at this piece inspired by the site here on Gadling and share some of your own packing fixes. I think this is one refresher we can all use.