Fancy a Theme Cruise?

Ever been on a cruise? I haven’t — I love boats but something about being the herded on and off a ship, all while being ferried around to only the places the organizer wants you to see make me think it isn’t my thing. But lots of people love cruises, and I can see why — food and entertainment are at your disposal, and the chance to see numerous destinations on one vacation is ideal.

What about themed cruises? I knew there was a Disney-themed cruise, but beyond that, I’m out of the loop. Turns out there are lots of different types of cruises — you can find one that focuses on fitness, nature, arts and more. As for lifestyle cruises, there are gay and lesbian cruises (Rosie O’Donnell runs one of these) , singles cruises and even nudist cruises (wouldn’t that be a shocker if you ended up on a nudist cruise by accident.)

Wait, there’s more. This cruise guide lists lots of other theme cruises, including quilting cruises (now does that sound like a wild and crazy time or what?), Grand Ole Opry cruises, Kentucky Derby cruises, Smithsonian Art Appreciation cruises, Formula 1 race car instruction cruises (on a boat?), classical music cruises and much more. And they’re all coming up this fall if you’re interested in booking.

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