Single day wireless card rentals

How do you connect to the Internet when traveling?

If I’m abroad, I’m at the mercy of the hostel or hotel I’m staying at. If their connection is shaky or non-existent, I don’t get online without finding a cafe. When traveling domestically here in the U.S., I use my Blackberry as a phone-as-modem (via USB) which offers decent speeds in metropolitan areas. Even in the sticks it works well enough to check email and browse the web. But it’s expensive — there’s no way I use it enough to justify the cost. But the convenience outweighed the high price, so I signed my data plan contract and use it when I’m on the road.

But that was before I knew about Billed as the “business traveler’s best friend,” RovAir offers single-day data card rentals starting at $5.95 per day. Once you sign up for an account, they overnight the card to you. You plug it into your laptop (via USB), and off you go. Our friend Christopher Elliott had a chance to test it out on a trip to New Orleans. Here’s what he had to say:

“In terms of performance, the card worked flawlessly every time and offered a lighting-fast connection. I Skyped my family using video, and there were no noticeable delays. One of the things I really liked about the card is that it worked anywhere – in the hotel, the cab to the airport, at the airport. Really, anywhere I could open my laptop, I could connect.”

Read his entire review here.

I really wish I would have known about this service before signing my data contract with Sprint. I could have saved a bundle of money.