Rover by Clear offers unlimited 4G broadband for just $5/day

Well, now we know for sure that the U.S. prepaid mobile broadband market is finally taking off. A mere 4 days after our Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go review, a new product from 4G company Clear is offering another prepaid / no contract broadband solution.

Their product is called Rover, and offers 4G service on a USB stick ($99.99) or a WiFi router ($149.99). Best of all – service is offered on these devices starting at just $5. The three price points are simple – $5 for a day, $20 for a week and $50 for a month.

Coverage is still relatively limited, but in the places where I’ve been able to experience the Clear 4G network, it has been very, very fast. In Vegas last month, I was regularly downloading around 6mbit/s, which is about four times faster than any of the 3G operators.

So, if you know in advance that you’ll be in a Clear 4G coverage area, you now have another affordable way to get online. Hopefully we’ll have a full review of Rover up on Gadling as soon as we can. The Rover product page is here, which is where you’ll be able to order the Rover Stick or Puck.