Buckingham Palace: more tourists or bake sale?

In a move akin to ordering a bake sale, a parliamentary watchdog has called for more tourist availability to Buckingham Palace … with the money raised used to fix the structure. The famous attraction is said to be “crumbling.” By extending tourist access to more than 60 days a year (in the summer), the Queen’s London residence could be maintained better.

The main objection has been that staying open longer would interfere with official functions – an argument that the watchdog contends isn’t valid, with the White House in Washington, DC and London’s House of Parliament welcoming guests on more days with no discernable problems.

At present, the Royal Household as a $52 million maintenance backlog for Windsor Castle, Clarence House (where Prince Charles lives) and the Palace of Holyrood in Edinburgh. The Royal Household only receives half that amount in government funding. Another $11 million comes from the fees paid by tourists.