TSA your holiday … or, “What Santa Claus looks like under the scanner”

Ever wonder what Santa Claus is really hiding under that big red suit, or what he “sees” in Mrs. Claus? Thanks to new website TSA Your Holiday, now you can. Mr. & Mrs. Claus, Frosty, Scrooge, and even Ruldolph take to the scanners (no opt-outs here!) for their big reveals.

Says the site:

In a scoop of WikiLeak-ian proportions, Curley & Pynn has secured highly confidential images of holiday icons (sorry, Santa and Mrs. Claus), which we are releasing for public consumption.

If nothing else, the site provides a bit of much needed levity from a nation already wary of TSA policies.

Thanks to top tweeter @BrooklynNomad for the tip.