Russians voted worst tourists in the world – French and Germans relieved

Polls looking for the worst tourists in the world are always a sure way to get yourself in the news – especially if the results pick a country not too popular with the voting public. Back in July, the French won the dubious honor of being the worst in the world.

Brit travel web site “Real Holiday Reports” published the results of their survey, and revealed that Russian tourists are currently the least popular.

According to respondents, Russians are rude, dress poorly, burp and swear in public, flash their money around, grab as much food as they can at the buffet and push into queues.

To me, this sounds like most tourists I encounter, but apparently, the Russians take being rude to a whole new level.

In Europe, German tourists are known for their pool chair tactics – getting up a 6:30am to snag chairs for their family by placing towels on them. Russians simply take the chairs up their room the night before, and bring them down in the morning, guaranteeing a decent spot. Some may call this inexcusable rudeness, I call it innovative brilliance.

Of course, it is just a matter of time till the next survey comes along, and picks a different winner. Eventually someone will come to the conclusion that most tourists behave poorly on vacation.