Photo Of The Day: Monks In A Line

There are few visuals more familiar to the Southeast Asian traveler than a line of brightly robed monks passing down a local street. This particular monk image comes to us from the ancient Thai capital of Ayutthaya at the Wat Niwet Thammaprawat courtesy of Flickr user Mark Fischer. I love the bright saffron/orange color of the robes and the repeated pattern of the line of men as they stroll purposefully by.

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Viagra ice cream and other crazy flavors

Do you think you’re exciting because you go off-menu at Cold Stone? That’s nothing! To find the strangest flavors in the world, leave the United States and see what the world has to offer. At the top of the list is a fake Viagra ice cream in Venezuela (maybe the placebo effect will help you get lucky). Taiwan has a smelly durian fruit ice cream – but that doesn’t compare to the raw horseflesh concoction you can pick up in Tokyo (as long as it’s not monkeys, right?).

The world’s biggest ice cream eaters are Australia and the United States, but volume doesn’t equal adventure. Candy and sweets dominate in the United States, something that changes in Europe, where fruits and tea become the bases for more flavors. Saffron is a hot flavor in the Middle East. Chocolate and peanut butter – that fantastic staple – only play together over here. But, I think that’s still better than the salty licorice mixed into ice cream in Scandinavia, which Travel+Leisure writer Katrina Brown Hunt likens to “the faint but horrifying aroma of ammonia.”

Don’t worry – if you need more ideas, Hunt has no shortage of them.