Virgin Atlantic rolls out the red carpet for its 25th Anniversary

As both Grant and Scott have mentioned recently, Virgin Atlantic is celebrating its 25th year in operation. As we’ve come to realize here at Gadling, the team at Virgin Atlantic is never one to turn down an opportunity to party. This past Monday in New York City, the Virgin crew once again made good on this reputation for star-studded celebration, inviting friends and family together for a raucous soiree at the Tribeca Rooftop event space in celebration of more than 25 years in service.

On hand was a roster of celebrity attendees including airline founder Sir Richard himself as well as Samuel L. Jackson and some surprise musical acts (more on that shortly). Upon arrival, guests were invited to land a virtual Virgin Atlantic plane on the party’s flight simulator, play free old-school 1980’s arcade games, and plop themselves down in models of Virgin’s comfy business class seating arrangements. Upstairs was an open-air roofdeck with panoramic views of downtown Manhattan and the Hudson River. As the evening ramped up, attendees were treated to a surprise private concert by 80’s pop star Deniece Williams as well as some bombastic DJ moves by Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim.

In service of our dear readers and knowing what’s best in travel, the writers at Gadling forced themselves to stop by this fun little event to see what was up. Rest assured, we’ll invite you guys along for the fun next time. In the meantime, you can take a voyeuristic peek at the good times in our gallery below.


Snakes on a Plane — Almost

The campy movie “Snakes on a Plane” played up a common phobia of many people — that’s right; snakes. But it was just a movie, right? Surely with modern airport security no one could get on a plane with a suitcase full of reptiles, right?

Right — so far. But a 22-year-old Saudi passenger in Cairo, Egypt made it all the way to his departure gate before officials stopped him to check his suspect suitcase. Inside, they found baby crocodiles, chameleons, and several snakes, including “at least one cobra, squirming to escape.” The man claimed not to know about any rules disallowing reptiles, and that he was transporting them to a Saudi university for research.

In May, another Saudi was caught at the airport with 700 live snakes in his carry-on luggage.

Samuel L. Jackson, this is not a dress rehearsal.