St. Stupid’s Day Parade, 2007

Don’t forget that April 1st is the 7th Annual BYOBW. However, if you don’t feel like racing a big wheel down one of the crookedest streets in the world (OUCH!), then maybe you just want to get stupid. In that case, it’s time to hit San Fransisco’s St. Stupid’s Day Parade.

Meeting at noon at 600 Montgomery Street, the parade — sponsored by The First Church of the Last Laugh — appears to be equal parts stupid and awesome and stupid. Winding through downtown San Fran, at the end of the parade, there will be a 2-minute talent show, a short sermon, live music, and the Pacific Sock Exchange, which is something like a pillow fight… but with dirty socks.

For those who don’t know, Saint Stupid is the patron saint of civilizations and parking meters. For those who STILL don’t know, St. Stupid’s is anything but serious. This tongue-in-cheek parade is meant to celebrate silliness, fun, merriment, and stupidity. Heck, what more do you want? The event is free!

[Photo: Steve Rhodes]