Video of the Day – Tarp surfing

Some surfers travel to the ends of the Earth in search of the perfect barrel. When the swell isn’t picking up, others get creative and only have to go as far as their front yards. Today’s Video of the Day from is a look at a few groms from San Juan Capistrano, California that started the unique sport of “tarp surfing”.

Avid surfers Dodge Wyrath and Wyatt Brady came up with the idea after a gust of wind blew a tarp off of the family boat, and they wondered what it would be like to surf through a “barrel” created by pulling the tarp over a skateboard. The result is visually captivating and makes for a great video segment.

Have you found any wild improvisations of extreme sports during your travels? Share them with us! Leave a comment below and it could be our next Video of the Day.

Buzzards and Swallows Return on Schedule

The buzzards returned to Hinkley, Ohio right on time this year. Every March 15, ever since 1819, supposedly, the buzzards have landed in this small town about 20 miles south of Cleveland. On the weekend when the buzzards come back, if the weather is good, there’s a boost in tourists who come to hang out at the edge of a field to keep a watchful eye for the first buzzard to appear.

The buzzards who head to Hinkley also give the town a special distinction-sort of like what the swallows have done for San Juan Capistrano. Each March 19, the swallows return to this monastery in southern California. Since March 19th is also St. Joseph’s Day, the swallows’ return to their nests after a winter away is seen as miraculous. Although, you may have missed the swallows’ actual return, you can still catch the Swallows Day Parade and Mercado on March 24.