Photo of the day: Lightning over Miami

When Sarah March caught wind of the nasty storm rolling into Miami last week, she didn’t curl up with a blanket and a book like the rest of us who weren’t even in Miami at the time did. Instead, she was out on her balcony. To be more precise, she was out on her balcony with her camera. She caught a snapshot of this thick bolt of peachy-white lightning as it was striking. According to her caption under the Facebook upload that caught my eye in my feed, the storm soon after increased in severity and (I’m guessing here) she probably went back inside.

Lightning photos still elude me. It strikes, I snap. Those two things never seem to happen at the same time. And it doesn’t help that I’m living in Texas now, where it apparently never rains ever. I can’t even practice this instantaneous art. Kudos to Sarah for this photo and to anyone else who can manage to snap their camera as the lightning strikes. You’re all better than I am. At that.