SAS Stewardess suffers spinal cord injury after turbulent flight

When the captain says “fasten your seat belts,” please listen. News is just emerging that a SAS Scandinavian Airlines stewardess suffered spinal cord injuries from an incident involving turbulence last August.

As reported by the BBC, the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) report said the stewardess had been in a crew seat, unrestrained, and was making a passenger announcement when turbulence threw her into the air. The woman landed in her seat and needed to remain on the galley floor until landing at Heathrow.

On the same flight, another cabin crew member hit the cabin roof but was unhurt. Three of the four cabin crew on the flight in question reported being unaware of the request to be seated due to turbulence ahead.

The injured stewardess endured a 10-day hospital stay.

SAS carried out an investigation which highlighted three similar occasions of cabin crew suffering injuries due to turbulence.

[Flickr via Hunter-Desportes]

SAS becomes first airline to host (same sex) mile high wedding

Think you’re being original when you plan your wedding at sea? Think again. What about getting married midair? A same-sex couple couple from Germany and a lesbian couple from Poland were married in a mile high wedding on an SAS-operated flight from Stockholm to New York, reported MSNBC yesterday.

Aleksandar Mijatovic and Shantu Bhattacherjee of Germany, then for Ewa Tomaszewicz and Gosia Rawińska of Poland tied the knot about 20 minutes after takeoff. Aftewards, guests enjoyed champagne and cake as well as a multi-course wedding dinner (and a traditional first dance). We’re glad there wasn’t turbulence.

More than 350,000 people voted in the social media contest that granted the two couples the in-flight “dream wedding” package.

SAS is owned by the governments of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. These countries were among the world’s first to legalize same sex marriage.

Is it tawdry to wonder if they joined the mile high club to kick off their honeymoons?