Video of the Day: Saturday Night Live mocks cruises

Cruises have long been the butt of jokes in the travel world. From the midnight buffets to the touristy nature of the industry, many travel snobs enjoying mocking cruises. But does that mean that these floating resorts – and the people who enjoy them – deserve to be disrespected? Apparently, the writers at Saturday Night Live believe so. This past weekend, Miley Cyrus hosted the long-running sketch show and played a jaded singer who resented that her failed career had led her to be the entertainment on a cruise ship. She openly ridiculed the passengers and the intent was obviously to put down the people who enjoy cruises.

Was it a cheap joke or an accurate representation of the cruise world? At the very least, it was a poorly written sketch that lacked a strong punchline. It’s no wonder that it was buried in the last ten minutes of the show. What do you think? Was the sketch funny, out of bounds, accurate? I’m sure that our resident cruise expert, Chris Owen, has an opinion and you can let us know what you think in the comments.