Gadling gear review – On Your Weigh luggage scales by Travelon

In this Gadling gear review, I’ll introduce you to a product that is becoming increasingly important for travelers. As more and more airlines start charging for (excess) baggage, you’ll run the risk of a nasty surprise at the airport.

With the Travelon “On Your Weigh” portable luggage scales, you’ll be able to weigh your luggage before arriving at the airport, giving you plenty of time to juggle things around a bit, or if you need a good excuse to leave some of those horrible souvenirs at your hotel.

The On Your Weigh scales are very lightweight (6.8 ounces) and are just 6″x3″.

To use the scales, you simply press the “open” button on the front, 2 rubber coated grips pop out, and a hook extends from the bottom. To weigh your luggage, you turn the scales on, and hang a bag from them.

After about 5 seconds (when your luggage stops swinging), the scales display the weight on a backlit LCD display mounted on the top. Once it has a reliable measurement, it stores the final weight on the display for 30 seconds.

Despite their simple appearance, the scales are pretty smart – the LCD display color changes from blue to red when the weight exceeds 50 pounds. You can also change that overweight warning to 40, 30 or even 20 pounds, for really stingy airlines.

In addition to the “open” button, the On Your Weigh scales have just 2 buttons – one to turn them on, and one to switch between pounds and kilos. Its maximum weight capacity is 110 pounds, or 50 kilos and it is accurate to just .22 kilos.

One additional reason for using these scales is to beat the airline scales – many airports are operating poorly calibrated scales, and if you come across an airport scale that reports something way out of line with your own measurement, it’ll give you a valid reason to ask for a re-weigh using different scales, or even ask to see the calibration sticker.

The On Your Weigh scales cost $29.99, and are available from many Travelon retailers. Follow this link for a list of their retailers.

I wish products like this were not necessary – but airlines have given us no choice. I’m especially impressed with the compactness of the On Your Weigh Scales, and the extra touches put into its design. The color changing LCD display is sheer brilliance. If you regularly push the limits of your baggage allowance, I highly recommend adding the On Your Weigh scales to your travel gadget arsenal.

Don’t trust the airport scales – weigh your own luggage with the Balanzza Ergo

Last year, Jeffrey wrote about faulty scales at Tuscon airport, the month before that it was JFK airport. Bottom line is that airlines don’t always have their scales calibrated as often as they should, and airlines sometimes even use condemned scales in their daily operations.

Of course, the big issue here is that a bad scale could end up costing you money. If you weigh a bag at home, and think it weighs 45 lbs, but the airline tells you it weighs 55 lbs, who are you to argue? You’ll hand over your credit card and pay the difference.

Of course, smart people do argue with the airline, and smart people come prepared.

This is where the Balanzza Ergo handheld scale can help. This little device can weigh bags up to 100 lbs (or 44kg) and runs off 2 (included) AA batteries. To weigh a bag, you simply hook the strap onto your bag, turn the device on and wait for “the beep”. Once it beeps, you put it down again, and check the weight on the display.

The Balanzza Ergo handheld scale costs $24.95 and ships for about $6. Alternatively, you can find it at many travel product retailers for as low as $17. When you realize that airlines will charge as much as $125 for each overweight bag, you’ll understand the need for a portable product like this.