Would you pay £125,000 for this slogan?

“Welcome to Scotland.”

That’s right, Scotland has paid what I can only assume is a genius public relations agency £125,000 for this slogan. It’ll be plastered all over Scottish airports the next time you’re in town. Government officials are adamant that this slogan is a much needed improvement on their old one: “Scotland, the Best Small Country in the World.”

I guess when you think about the runner ups, perhaps you won’t cringe too much. They include:

  • “World Leader in Learning”
  • “First to Introduce University Education”
  • And my fave, “Home of Europe’s Fastest Growing Life Sciences Community

What’s particularly interesting about this whole rebranding campaign is that the Scots seem to love paying people money for this kind of stuff. For instance, Prestwick airport got itself the slogan “Pure Dead Brilliant” as part of a £3 million deal.