Scourist Rules

Not sure how many people remember the numerous times we’ve blogged about Mr. Jon Rawlinson, but it’s time we did so again. Jon sent me an email recently that kind of sat there waiting for me to click on it. There was a link there that looked enticing, but for some reason, I just kind of let it languish there in unclicked limbo.

Well, no longer. And boy was I missing out. Jon is the man (well, one of them) behind an amazing, fabulous, wonderful new site called Scourist. What does that mean, exactly? Well, he means that they are “scouring” the earth in search of adventure. But more than that, they are shooting gobs of video, cutting it all into nice bite-sized segments ,and posting the stuff online.

I’ve been sitting here checking these videos out and if I looked in the mirror right now, I’d be looking at a very green face. I am OVERCOME with envy at this moment because of all the things I would like to be doing in this world right now, shooting video in an African game park is definitely near the top of the list. Top of the list would be hanging out ,martini in hand in Hef’s jacuzzi, but that’s another kind of dream.

I urge you to go and spend some time on Scourist now .It is really one of the best travel video sites I’ve seen in a while.

And this time we REALLY mean it .