Extreme seagull steals GoPro camera in Cannes, treats us to bird’s eye view

Seagulls are annoying bird brained creatures – beach vagrants with a tendency to pilfer picnics and poop on heads. This seagull in Cannes, France goes one step further, making off with some electronics and filming his proud heist. The enterprising seagull thieves a GoPro video camera and absconds with it to his secret hideout. The comedic shouts of an enraged human fades as the bird takes to the sky. Upon reaching his roost, the gull cackles like a madman, perhaps mocking the victims of this theft. And then…he tries to eat the camera, destroying his credibility as a filmmaker. Somehow the owner of the camera tracked down the displaced gadget and retrieved this strange video.

Photo of the day (5.19.09)

What I wouldn’t give to be on a beach right now, watching seagulls drift around and not wearing pants. jrodmanjr actually took this shot on San Francisco (hence the fog) where the beaches may be less tropical but where the scenery is just as gorgeous. The perfect combination of light, shadows and high shutter speed in this photo add to its magnificence. Nice pic, jrodmanjr.

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Photo of the Day (11/20/08)

Today’s photo of the day is by Flickr contributor Bedouin77. These gulls were the perfect target for his Canon 5D. The clarity and sharpness of these birds in flight is rather impressive. The shot was captured in Solalé, Cuba last year.

It reminds me of a scene out of Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. It’s as if the two parents are squawking behind Jonathon saying:

“Why Jon, why?” His mother asked. “Why is it so hard to be like the rest of the flock, Jon? Why can’t you leave low flying to the pelicans, the albatross?

Nice work, Bedouin77!

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