New Airline Makes Catching a Plane Almost as Easy as Catching a Taxi

It happens all the time. The one hour flight from one city to another is turned into a five hour adventure with security checkpoints, baggage claim traffic jams and surly airport staff. It would often be easier, cheaper and faster to drive (literally). If only there was an easier way to fly.

A new airline in the Pacific Northwest is seeking to take the hassle out of commuter flights. The small Portland-based company SeaPort only has 3 turbo-prop commuter planes. That’s all it needs, because its only route is between Portland and Seattle. But what’s special about SeaPort is, like corporate airplanes usually reserved for the rich and/or famous, they fly under the FAA’s general aviation rules. That means that they can fly out of smaller airports where security screening and other hassles aren’t required. In Portland, for example, SeaPort uses the business aviation area, not the main terminal, of the Portland International. In Seattle, they land at Boeing Field, a crowd-less airport six miles from downtown Seattle. The result, no waiting in lines. The airline’s goal is to get passengers from downtown Portland to downtown Seattle in 90 minutes. The price of a flight: $149 one-way. That is marginally more expensive than flying the same route on a traditional budget carrier. But, the time saved just might be worth it to many.