Survey of most annoying passengers says – don’t kick my seat

British Airways recently surveyed a large number of their European customers, and asked them what the most annoying behavior is from their fellow passengers.

The results are not exactly a surprise, and probably very much in line with the kind of stuff that annoys us all.

Here is the top 5 of most annoying in-flight passenger behavior:

  1. Fellow passengers who kick the back of your seat.
  2. Parents who can’t control their kids.
  3. Passengers who constantly whine and rant during the flight.
  4. Passengers who fully recline their seat.
  5. Impatient passengers who get up as soon as the plane gets close to the gate.

So, this got me thinking about things fellow passengers do that annoy me – I could only think of 3 that were not already in the list above.

  • Passengers who get out of their own seat by holding on to the back of my seat (usually waking me).
  • Anyone who thinks of themselves as an “elite flier” and constantly wants others to know how important they are.
  • Any passengers that feel the need to clap when the plane lands. Seriously, just don’t do it.

I want to know what kind of behavior from your fellow passengers annoys you the most – leave us a comment and we’ll see whether the British Airways survey was in line with our own annoyances.

Three products for people who carry too much stuff on the plane

Ever found yourself sitting in your coach seat with way too much stuff? Your iPod, magazines, mobile phone, water bottle, headphones, bag of snacks and a book? Or things could be even worse, and you’ll have kids to your left and right which means you also have diapers, more books, crayons, toys, wipes and juice boxes.

Lets face it – coach seats are not designed for people with stuff, the seat pocket is usually occupied by the airline magazine, stale pretzels and of course, the Sky Mall catalog.

This is where the three products in this article can help – they each offer a way to help you carry some of that stuff, and get it organized once you reach your seat.
Zen Class Travel Nirvana Seatback Organizer and Travel Tote

The Nirvana seatback organizer is the perfect product for people with too much stuff. The bag starts out as a shoulder tote, and once on board your plane, you open it up and hang it on the seatback table.

Inside this tote is where you’ll find multiple pockets, a bottle holder and even special pockets for your MP3 player and memory cards/sim cards.

The Nirvana Seatback Organzier and Travel Tote is available directly from the manufacturer, and costs $39.99.

Sarahbelli “Tray Bien”

The Sarahbelli Tray Bien is different kind of seatback table organizer. The Tray Bien slides over the entire table, and comes in various designs.

Each design is specifically made to hold stuff for its intended user – the kids version holds crayons, coloring books and a water bottle, the baby version holds a baby bottle, diapers and wipes, and the traveler version is designed for your mobile phone, MP3 player, magazines and a water bottle.

Each of the six versions costs $39.95, and can be ordered directly from Sarahbelli.

The Cup-Pilot

The final product in this lineup only holds one item – but to many travelers it’s the one product they’d never want to board the plane without.

The Cup-Pilot is a cleverly designed cup holder, which can be attached to almost anything. It’ll hang on your tray table or even on your rolling suitcase.

The Cup-Pilot was invented by Patrick J. Garahan, who twice served as Secretary of Transportation for the State of Vermont, so this man knows a thing or two about travel.

The product costs $18.95 and can be ordered directly on their site, or from Sky Mall.

(Via: Flyertalk)