Seattle Luxury Chocolate Salon: Go there for a chocolate fix

If you’ve ever walked into an upscale candy store like I did on Thursday when I walked into Posh Chocolat in Missoula, Montana, you know how your eyes are drawn to those glass cases after you/ve had whiff of that rich and creamy smell. You know how each piece of chocolate is so darned pretty that it’s hard to choose. Again, that’s what happened to me at Posh Chocolat.

Think about how that experience might be multiplied by more than 30. That’s how many gourmet and artisan chocolatiers will be at the Seattle Luxury Chocolate Salon this Sunday, July 12.

The chocolatiers are among the finest of the fine. Along with tasting all types of chocolate, with the entry fee you can attend demonstrations, talks and on-going interviews by TasteTV’s Chocolate Television program. Wine is also involved with the event and one of the demonstrations is about a chocolate spa.

For the best ticket deal, get a ticket on-line for $20. At the door, you’ll pay $25. Kids under 6 are free and from ages 7-12, $10. The salon is being held at the Bell Harbor Conference Center.

Look for Posh Chocolat’s offerings for sure. The truffles are AMAZING! Our sister blog, Luxist has a rundown of some of the other chocolatiers and speakers. If you miss this year’s, there’s always next year. This year is the 2nd annual event. I’m assuming there will be a 3rd.