GADLING’S TAKE FIVE: Week of March 11

Are you ready for another fantastic Gadling recap of a week that was, um quite fantastic? I reckon so, but before I dig in I must say there were several other highlights to this week not listed here like how to speed through security check points or some new outdoor places in China to use the potty (only for those who aren’t shy) which were recently blogged about, but let’s go back further in the week.

5. Japanese Penis Festival:
Penis, fertility and renewal are all the hype at the Hounen Matsuri festival, known also as the Japanese Penis Festival for those who aren’t as swift with Japanese pronunciation. Sadly, the festival has come and past this year, but go on, read further and beef up your knowledge for next year’s events.

4. New Matt: “Dancing Man” Harding Video:
Honestly, there are parts of me that really can’t take watching the well perfected horrible dance jig-like moves performed by Matt Harding across the world. While I fancy seeing various locations, his dancing is just awful. Yes, I said awful. No matter my thoughts, Matt is the lucky one here and Justin has done us the favor of posting his latest dance outtakes clip and providing fans of Matt with some very tasty news. Check it out!

3. Underground Railroad Bicycle Route:
Hungry for history and cycling around the country? If you have five weeks to do it you can join in on exploring the route of the Underground Railroad with the Adventure Cycling Association or purchase the maps and head out on your own. Either way this is very, very cool.

2. Vieques: A Trip Report:
Having recently toured Vieques, an island off of Puerto Rico, Erik brings us the 411 on what’s going on and why you should get there fast.

1. Round the World in 100 Days: Nassau, Bahamas:
Slowly, but surely Dia Draper is heading around the world in a big floating city of about 900 people. In this dispatch she touches on a place not too, too far from home for most of us (depending on where home is) in Nassau, Bahamas. Which is my saying even if you can’t take off 100 days to cruise the world you might want to look into her notes for planning a smaller trip to the Bahamas, though being ambitious and following in her footsteps might not be so bad either.

Study Before Studying Abroad

During my college days I never took the opportunity to do a semester abroad and I always wished I had. Not so much to learn about how the world operates outside of my own backyard, I was a military brat so I’d been a good handful of places, but I know studying abroad probably could have helped me pick up a foreign language ten times faster than being here in the States. Boo-hoo for me though. Those days have come and past and opportunities to do it the way it should have, could have and would have been done are gone.

Anyhow, enough with my boring sob stories. CNN has a piece from Budget Travel Online about some things to consider before taking off for your first semester abroad. It’s very basic, but I imagine it could come in super handy for the college student who has never been outside of say, Walla Walla, Washington. Questions on whether credits will be transferred, what the living conditions will be like and if you’ll need a visa or not are included along with others. Like always you’ll probably have to seek counsel from someone at your university for the specifics, but this is should get you off and running at least half-way. Just be sure you do your research!

As always, good luck!