Lousiana Senator David Vitter throws fit at the airport

Louisiana Sen David Vitter missed his plane at Dulles Airport last Wednesday, and he was not amused.

Vitter, who recently gained infamy after being identified on the D.C. Madam’s Phone List, found his gate closed, so he went through an armed security door. Why not? He’s got that Senator’s pin, after all, right? That gives you access to all areas of the airport … right?

As you might expect, an alarm went off as he then tried to verbally rip an unsuspecting United Airlines gate attendant a new one. Apparently, he even tried to pull rank. Come on. Would that even work in his home state?

When the employee exited to find a security guard, Vitter ran away. What a maverick. According to The Raw Story, “Vitter’s spokeperson did not dispute the incident.”

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