Word for the Travel Wise (11/18/06)

When asking for directions around the Serbian capital city of Belgrade, let people know you understand them by using this word…

Today’s word is a Serbian word used in Serbia:

razumem – I understand

Head to the BBC for a crash course or quick fix on basic Serbian words and phrases. For the most part Serbian is spoken by Serbs everywhere and is apart of the Stokavian dialect (former standard of the Serbo-Croatian language). Serbian School online is completely free and a great place to start for those interested in learning. While their services are free they do ask for PayPal donations which I suggest giving whatever you can if you planning on using their guides. Bookmark the site and check back daily for their word of the day or refresh to learn a few in one day. Join the Serbia Language and Culture Workshop during summer for intensive sessions with other like-minded foreigners. As usual Lonely Planet has the nifty pocket-sized phrasebooks to help you along the way in Eastern Europe. This particular guide has small sections devoted to a number of languages in the region.

Past Serbian words: