Sespe Creek California

While we’re talking road trips…let me quickly mention a little spot that I read about recently that is now on
my list of must dos for California. Having grown in up the state I am aware of its bounty of outdoor stuff to do on
weekends or, if you’re really lucky, a nice long week. But it was only recently I’d head about Sespe Creek. This 31-mile undammed,
(damless?) waterway is a place to go to try to spot the elusive (and endangered) southern steelhead, or to catch
yourself (for release) a couple of nice rainbows. There are ample swimming holes and hot springs hidden away so you can
go sans clothing under the stars. The key here, though, is the slot canyon gorge, which may not be as magnificent as
those in Utah, but worth the trip none the less.

And look, up there is in the sky It’s a bird, it’s a plane,
it’s…oh, yeah, it’s a bird. But a big one. Because this is ground zero for the efforts to bring back the California Condor. So get busy and head out towards Ojai and the
Topa Topa Mountains. talk to the folks at Los Padres National Forest
about a permit, and off you go.