Got road rage? Try using a different digit to express it

I’m a bit of a road rager. Since I live 126 miles down a two-lane mountain road from a major airport, doctor, dentist, and multi-screen movie theater, I often find myself tailgating RVs and Sunday drivers who don’t read the “holdup of more than five vehicles is illegal” signs. They also often neglect to move into the right lane when a passing lane opens on uphill stretches.

The worst part of my drive is the last 30 miles or so to Anchorage, where the highway winds along Turrnagain Arm. It’s impossible to pass, so if you get a slow car in front of you, you’re stuck. This part of the drive is also where I usually am starving and have to pee, and find myself honking, flashing my brights, and generally being fairly obnoxious in an attempt to get the folks in front of me to speed up or pull over.

When I finally do pass them, my middle finger is -was – usually my expression of choice. But I’ve discovered a much more effective tool for expressing your road rage: a big ol’ thumbs down. Here’s my philosophy: if someone gives me their middle finger, my immediate response is “oh yeah? Well, f%&# YOU!” But if someone were to give me the thumbs down, I would hang my head in shame and reflect on how lame I am.

So on your next road trip, or trip to the store, consider this less aggressive form of expression. It works on both ends (there’s no escalating anger), and perhaps the roads are a better place because of it.