Top four strangest hotel requests

What do you ask for when you visit a hotel? I tend to like a bathrobe that has all its belt-loops intact and a desk that is as far away from the bed as possible. Also, I’m a stickler for service. Well, apparently my needs are pretty conventional. Best Western just put out a list of the most unusual demands made by guests, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, showing just how weird people can be.

You may have a vivid imagination, with an uncanny ability to sense the absurd and see it crystallize in your mind. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re an amateur. You have to be pretty unusual even to think of the unique stuff people have requested from hotels.

Take a look below at the four strangest hotel requests out there. 1. Spiriting and healing pets: Reiki for animals … really? Who gets an idea like this?

2. I like to watch: One group wanted a chaperone for sex addicts, although, I think the other word for this is “spectator.”

3. The blues: There was a party that wanted a meal comprised only of blue food. I’m wondering if it was a technicality to get kids who objected to “greens” to eat their vegetables.

4. A desire to labor: A lawnmower convention organizer asked if his guests could cut the grass on the grounds, in order to demonstrate how the products work.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald:

“We always try to accommodate our guests’ requirements – no matter how off the wall they may be,” said Tim Wade, head of marketing at Best Western. Although he admitted that a visit from members of The Tall Person’s Club of Great Britain had to be put on hold after the hotel in question were unable to locate enough seven-foot beds.

So, how strange are you? Leave a comment and let us know the weirdest thing you’ve craved – or even asked for – at a hotel.

[photo by .guilty via Flickr]