TripAdvisor reveals America’s sexiest hotels

It’s not shocking New York is home to the sexiest hotel in America – it is the city that never sleeps…
According to TripAdvisor, the Night Hotel in New York City knocks the boots off all other hotels for its ‘sexy’ factor.

TripAdvisor editors revealed their sexiest hotel list just in time for Valentine’s Day, (wink, wink). The hotels were rated based on the “sexy index,” which calculated the number of times travelers use the term “sexy” in their TripAdvisor reviews.

Turn down the shades, set the mood and get your groove on at these seducing hotels:

1. Night Hotel, New York City, New York “This modern and monochrome boutique hotel features very little light, making this the perfect spot for a romantic rendezvous with a significant other”

2. Hotel Max, Seattle, Washington “Turn your door-handle sign to ‘please do not disturb’ and enjoy the amenities within, including a “You Got It” button on the telephone, which responds to any whim, and a mini-bar complete with an intimacy kit.”

3. Hotel Palomar, Washington, D.C. “With crocodile-sculpted carpeting on the floors, faux fur throws on the beds and leopard-print robes in the closets, this is an ideal spot for romantics to say “Grrrr, Baby!”

4. Hotel Lucia, Portland, Oregon “This downtown boutique hotel offers modern surroundings, not to mention a “Kiss This” guest-package, including champagne, massage oils and dusting powders.”

5. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada “The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino offers all the trappings to bring out travelers’ wild sides, including a room service menu featuring an array of lingerie and after-dark accessories.”6. The Setai, Miami, Florida “If money is no object, this stunning oceanfront resort in the heart of South Beach offers a spectacularly seductive spot.”

7. Hotel on Rivington, New York City, New York One TripAdvisor traveler notes, “From the unconventional layout, to the glass curtain walling, to the voyeuristic shower walls, everything about this place screams hedonistic pleasure.”

8. Glenn Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia “Follow the grass-lined hallways to the guest rooms, and travelers will be met with sleek design, comfortable furnishings and a shower featuring a peek-a-boo view in to the bedroom.”

9. The Library Hotel, New York City, New York “Room 800.001 is packed with erotic tomes, including Casanova’s autobiography, while room 1100.006 is adorned with books on love and relationships.”

10. James Chicago, Chicago, Illinois “Guest rooms feature dark wood platform beds and white leather furnishings – and if these (or your partner) aren’t enough to get you drooling, the cookie left on your pillow as part of the nightly turn-down service should do the trick.”

What’s your favorite hotel for setting the mood?

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