Gadlinks for Monday 5.8.09

This Monday brings some wacky travel posts around the web, as well as some practical tips for summer trips.

  • My True Slant friend, Jeff Koyen, offers up a hilarious list of the world’s worst cruises. Believe it or not, a Twilight cruise is set to sail from Seattle to Alaska in August 2010.
  • What is a sexy beach? Thomas Kohnstamm for Forbes Traveler tells us it’s a combination of sea, sand, and skin and offers up his list of the world’s sexiest beaches.
  • Just a few of Hawaii’s beaches made it onto that list of sexy beaches, but one thing on World Hum’s Pam Mendel’s mind is what value a “Made in Hawaii” label really has and what it really means.
  • Summer means seafood, and what better crustacean is there than the Maine lobster? I became a vegetarian one summer when I boiled a live lobster and heard it screaming at me, but if you don’t have a conscience and are driving up the New England coast, try one of Travel + Leisure’s best lobster shacks in Maine.
  • If you are a vegetarian, though, then you’re already a far “greener” traveler. If you want to be even more environmentally conscious as a traveler, read up on BootsNAll’s beginner’s guide to green travel for tips on the growing eco-friendly travel rage.

‘Til tomorrow, have a great evening.

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