Video: beautiful aurora from a plane

Witnessing a beautiful aurora is on my absolutely-need-to-do list. But in the meantime, I’ll have to satisfy my infatuation with that which is googleable. Auroras are caused when charged particles, directed by the Earth’s magnetic field, collide.

This video is a time lapse video. The photographer, Nate Bolt, explains how he put this cool video together on his YouTube page.“I shot a photo roughly every two miles between take-off in San Francisco and landing in Paris CDG to make this airplane time lapse”, he introduces the video in the YouTube page’s description”.

“Shot with a 5d2, a time-lapse controller, and a 16mm – 35mm, mixed with some iPhone shots. The flight path from SF to Paris goes well over Greenland and the arctic circle, where you can see “northern” lights from all sides of the plane, which explains why I could shoot them facing South”, he explains.

“The photos during take-off and landing are all computer models and totally rendered because I would never use an electronic device during times when the FAA prohibits them. I did get lucky and have a whole row to myself to setup the tripod and gear”.

Check the video out. It’s great!