Photo of the Day (9.14.10)

Today’s Photo of the Day is a reminder that you don’t have to cross the globe to find adventure; although this shot could be set in the dunes of the Sahara or Namibia, it comes straight out of America’s own White Sands National Monument near Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Flickr user penton42 has a great series of landscape photographs from the National Monument, with plenty of evidence that shows where the park gets its name. I picked this photo in particular because it utilizes light, shadow, and rich color to give the landscape a life of it’s own, making the two explorers seem appropriately small and insignificant.

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Photo of the Day (9-9-09)

I am intrigued by this shot for a few reasons. The subject’s movement is perfectly captured in the frame. One inch more in either direction and the visual interest would be lost. Plus there’s the action. This is a person going somewhere with a purpose in mind. Look at those boots and the outfit. Great accessories for a walk through a city or for a party–or work in a chic clothing store. That the subject is anonymous adds to the allure. The photographer also seems hidden. What I do know is that this was taken by cmvoelkel in New York City at a crosswalk and is aptly tagged, “living vicariously nyc.”

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Photo of the Day (1-28-09)

Macbeth’s woods where the witches toil? No, flicts captured a shot of these woods in Portugal. The hues and shadows are wonderfully alluring–ink black and almost neon blue. What is out there? What is out there? Shhhhhh. Listen.

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Photo of the Day (5/07/08)

Last night one of my Moroccan students gave me a long-standing invitation to visit there. “Sure,” I said. “I’d love to.” In the meantime, there are the lovely shots in Gadling’s Flickr photo pool. This one by jonrawlinson is one of those perfect moments where the subject’s head is tilted just right, the lighting creates the right amount of shadow to be interesting and the texture of the background, in this case, the building, looks as if one can touch it.

I wonder what the little girl is making? Each rock was placed carefully in the shape in front of her. Her hand is ready to adjust one more before reaching for another.

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