Carnival Cruise Line heiress is selling her yacht to make ends meet

With the downturn in the world’s economy, no one is safe from hitting hard times. Even Shari Arison, the Israeli-American Carnival Cruise Line heiress, and former richest woman, is suffering. According to this New York Post article, poor Ms. Arison is having to cut corners. Because she’s down to her last two billion dollars, she wants to shed herself of her yacht.

If you can scrape together $103 million, Arison’s 211-foot vessel can be yours. If Arison can’t sell it, she ought to think about renting it out to folks. Maybe start a little tour company where she can sail people around the Mediterranean or where ever else she enjoys taking it for a whirl. I’ve read that some people who have decided they can’t really afford their vacation homes are renting them out to others instead of selling them.

I bet Arison would get some takers, particularly if she touted the trips as be rich for a day– or longer. She could serve cake.