TSA-proof energy drink sub has fliers talking sheet

If TSA rules for liquids allowed on aircraft are keeping your favorite energy drink out of your carry-on, maybe you need a new energy drink. Or maybe you just need to “Take a Sheet” says NBA star LeBron James of his new energy drink alternative, paper-thin dissolvable strips that pack as much caffeine as a typical cup of coffee.

“Taking a SheetTM is part of my pre-game and halftime ritual,” said LeBron James. “I’ve tried tons of other products in the past and none compare. SheetsTM are a smart and convenient way to get energy.” LeBron James’ business partner and Sheets™ co-founder Maverick Carter said “Sheets™ are an effective and innovative way to deliver energy. We fell in love with the concept and potential.”

SheetsTM paper-thin dissolvable strips are placed on your tongue, begin to dissolve instantly and are easily swallowed and digested delivering hours of energy. SheetsTM, won’t spill or melt, have no calories, no carbohydrates, no sugar, and require no water. One serving of SheetsTM contains caffeine comparable to a cup of the leading premium coffee as well as vitamins B and E.

“I’m excited that SheetsTM has cracked the code on energy delivery. Our athlete and celebrity partners have played a key role in the innovation process and worked collaboratively with our world-class scientists to make the best possible energy product on the market. We’re thrilled to launch SheetsTM today and look forward to working with the team to develop future products using our proprietary SheetsTM technology,” said Warren Struhl, CEO of consumer product marketer Purebrands.

Basically, it’s Listerine strips meet Red Bull.

Packaged in a cigarette-like box, flavors include Berry Blast and Cinnamon Rush that sell for $5.95 for ten strips. They’re made in the USA and can be ordered online.

That’s a pretty cheap cup of coffee.

Flickr photo by Keith Allison