Pennsylvania coronates May 14 as Shoofly Pie Day

We were expecting an envelope full of pamphlets and brochures when the Pennsylvania Tourism office asked for our address last week, so imagine our surprise when a FedEx Medium box showed up at our offices last night.

Opening the package, we found another package and the following edict:

WHEREAS, Shoofly Pie, the iconic sweet treat sold at roadside stands and farmer’s markets throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, continues to satiate the sweet tooth of millions of visitors to our state each year; and

WHEREAS, thousands of small businesses in Pennsylvania thrive on the production and sale of Shoofly pies;


THEREFORE, I, Edward G. Rendell, Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, do hereby proclaim May 14, 2009 as SHOOFLY PIE DAY in Pennsylvania and ask all residents to join me in celebrating the sweet taste of Pennsylvania.

And lo, we have a pie in this box. A delicious pie made of a crumb crust, brown sugar and molasses.

In hand with this delicious delectable, the Pennsylvania Tourism office is kicking off a summer initiative featuring new PA ambassador Peter Arthur and his adventures across the (delightful and worth visiting!) Keystone state. In addition, visitors can enter to win 12 Pennsylvanian packages between today and June 30th. Check out the whole thing at