Shopping tours of NYC – Shop like a local

There are a lot of different tours of New York City available, but isn’t there something out there for people who just want to be more in-the-know about shopping? Or, for example, what if you live in town and need to occupy your mom or sister for the day?

Well, check out Shop-NYC Tours, led by the lovely Natasha Malinsky of VH1’s “Tough Love” (in the leopard print at right), for your solution.

The tour takes visitors all over New York’s chic boutiques and fave celebrity cafes and wine tasting spots — and while shopping time is included, once you know where everything is, it’s easy to spend the rest of your trip re-visiting your new favorite shops.

Shoppers on the Shop-NYC Tour receive exclusive discounts and even watch videos which highlight the latest fashion trends right on their coach. It gives shopping enthusiasts an opportunity to shop like locals and relax between excursions — no lugging heavy bags around.

The Chic Boutique and Vintage Boutique tours run about $40 per person (before any shopping you do), and you can visit the website to arrange a foreign language tour or a tour gift certificate. For $30, you can arrange a “Teen Fashion and Fun” tour, or even a “Recessionista Tour,” jam-packed with NYC’s best bargain spots.

Even local New Yorkers could benefit from a tour like that! Alternatively, check out their self-guided tours if you aren’t into the whole “group shopping” thing. Visit for more information.