Link Traveling to Dubai

Everywhere I click on the web it seems I keep seeing Dubai, Dubai, and Dubai. Is now the time to go or what? I feel as though I’m missing out on something BIG here and the chances of me jetting over in the near future are very slim. Yes, pity me, please. Anyhow I thought I might as well offer an opportunity to explore some of what I’ve been hearing or reading about Dubai lately through some of the links found below just in case someone setting out to do some hardcore Dubai travel planning soon.

  • Dubai Shopping Festival – Looks as though the DSF for 2006 is taking place right now, but if you plan well and save tons of money attending the 2007 event should be a breeze.
  • Feel like running in the desert oasis anytime soon? Registration for the Dubai Marathon on January 12, 2007 doesn’t close until New Year’s Eve. Get out there and run!
  • Gridskipper points out an excellent spot to mix, mingle and sing a song or three during karaoke. Karaoke in Dubai? Yes, they sing and make a fool of themselves here too.
  • Dubai International Film Festival – Sadly this event ends on the 17th of December and don’t say I didn’t tell you it was approaching. I did my part.
  • Perhaps you’re trying to find a nice last minute destination for the Christmas holiday. Why not consider Dubai? From this Go World Travel story I found not too long ago, the writer shares her dazzling surreal X-Mas experience in the UAE.