Photo Of The Day: Wine Tasting

What makes you enter an unfamiliar shop in a new city? An inviting window display? A big crowd (or lack thereof)? How about a funny sign like this Brooklyn shop, which advertises, “delicious free booze poured by a crazy French guy”? They had me at “delicious” and “free” wine; the French guy is just icing on the cake. It helps that the store looks cozy and friendly; the sign helps to show off their personality.

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[Photo credit: Flickr user Mike GL]

Funny signs in “Signspotting III: Lost and Loster in Translation”

Here on Gadling, we are suckers for weird signs. Especially when you travel, you come across signs that are just too damn funny. Writer Doug Lansky apparently feels the same way, because he just released the third episode of his “Signspotting” line of books.

We got a sneek peek at some of the signs included in “Lost and Loster in Translation”, and they really are absolutely hilarious. Though I do have to admit I’m a tad jealous that I didn’t think of collecting funny signs and writing my own book. I’m guessing that is the price I pay for being so lazy.

You’ll find Signspotting III: Lost and Loster in Translation on the book shelves of Amazon for just $7.99. Order quickly, because this would make a great stocking stuffer (hint, hint!).

Cool travel souvenir: Hotel door hangers

Much of my apartment is decorated with travel souvenirs. The ceramic wine carafe I bought in Cinque Terre sits on the bar. Pictures I found at the Buenos Aires San Telmo Sunday market line the wall. Postcards bought in Iceland are propped on the fireplace mantel. I love being surrounding by reminders of my adventures, so I was intrigued and inspired when I saw this collection of vintage hotel room door hangers.

Michael Leibowitz says on his website that the collection belonged to his recently deceased grandfather, who had covered a wall of his study with “do not disturb” signs from hotels around the world. Locations represented in his collection range across the globe and include Athens, Bangkok, Budapest, Hawaii, Paris, New Zealand, Florence, Tasmania, and Tokyo.

There are signs from hotels like the Beirut Phoenicia Intercontinental, and from countries such as Yugoslavia, that no longer exist, and there are hangers from iconic hotels like the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok that have been around for over 100 years. It’s a beautiful set with designs ranging from simple to elegant to totally retro. And it’s inspired me to start my own collection. While I’m not going to start displaying them on my wall just yet, I think that years from now they’ll be interesting to look at as a memory of my travels.

What’s your favorite travel trinket to collect and how do you display your memories? Whether you collect matchbooks you store in a jar or or postcards you display on a wall, tell me about your favorite travel souvenirs in the comments below.

Austrian village installs cameras to nab prankster sex tourists

The poor villagers of Fucking are fed up. They have finally found a technical solution to prevent thieves from stealing their village signs, but now they are confronted with an entirely different problem.

Couples are making the trek to Fucking, just so they can have sex in front of the sign, and record it. Other pranksters are mooning the sign, or exposing themselves, while their friends record it. Of course, some of these video clips make their way online, which probably doesn’t promote the kind of tourism the village is looking for.

The village solution involved placing video cameras above the signs, in the hope that it will make would-be sex tourists think twice about their plans.

I’m sure this is a never ending battle for the village, and before you know it, they’ll be back in the news when people have sex, then steal both the sign and the security camera