Luxury hotels in NYC offering a free night stay

“Strike when the iron is hot” is a proverb for these times when it comes to taking advantage of a travel bargain. Cruises aren’t the only places to find a deal–even if the deal may start off pricey.

For those heading to New York City before February 28, ten luxury hotels are offering a third night free when you book two nights. This can be a hefty savings of more than $300. Sure, you have to come up with enough money for the two nights, but there are inexpensive things to do the city which can take off the sting off the sticker price.

The participating hotels are:

To take advantage of these deals called “Signature Collection Third Night,” click on this link for the promotional code for the hotel of your choice.

Making a reservation over the phone is recommended. In addition to the third night free, guests who take advantage of the offer, receive other deals at places like Saks Fifth Avenue where you can get a free cup of coffee and a complimentary dessert at the store’s Cafe SFA.