Proporta Keyring SIM Card holder – brilliant!

Most gadgets are products that are in search of a problem, but the Proporta Keyring SIM Card holder and “anti-loss system” clearly understands that there is a problem in need of a simple solution.

This stylish keyring features a magnetic closure and space to store a SIM card. If you have ever traveled abroad and tried juggling your primary SIM card with a prepaid SIM, you’ll know what a hassle the little chip cards can be.

I’m not entirely sure what the “anti-loss” portion of the item name means, but I’m guessing it’s just a fancy way of saying that it keeps your SIM card stored safely. Just remember to always enable the PIN code protection on your SIM card when you travel abroad. Losing a SIM and having it fall in the hands of someone with bad intentions could be a very costly mistake.

The Proporta Keyring SIM Card holder costs just $6.95 with a very reasonable $4.95 for their international shipping to the States (Proporta is based in the UK). (via Crunchgear)