Driving 200 MPH at Night on Singapore’s Streets

Some people are passionate about disliking Singapore. “It’s boring!!!” Sure, parts of the city-state resemble a particularly sterile shopping mall, but there is a lot going on there these days. One of the biggest to-dos has to do with the world’s greatest open-wheel racing series, Formula One. On September 28th, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, and the rest will race in the first ever F1 night race.

That’s right, not only is Singapore the only place where you can get a ticket for spitting out your gum on the sidewalk, it is the only place to host a Formula One race under the lights.

Are there any motor sports fans in Singapore? Judging from the fact that only 5% of the tickets remain unsold, I’d have to say yes. F1 is a status symbol. Hosting a race puts you alongside the likes of Monaco. The street course in Singapore is no less spectacular, heading past Marina Square, St. Andrews Cathedral and City Hall. Some people will be lucky enough to be able to watch the race from their hotel window. Singapore might be boring, depending on who you ask. But no one would argue that going 200 miles-per-hour at night on its streets isn’t exciting.