Travelers who Take Their Talents On the Road

Some folks, like Gadling’s own Ember Swift who is currently in China combining her life as a musician with her passion for travel, have talents that help get them overseas and maximize their experiences. Ember is writing about her high and low points in a series named A Canadian in Bejing.

Not only is using talents a way to see the world, but it’s the chance to connect in ways that are creatively, and perhaps, professionally pleasing. Andrew Mendelson, for example, used his Sitar playing to get him to India. This movie, “The Cricket in the Court of Akbar” shows him getting ready for the largest music competition in Rajasthan. This is more than just Andrew playing. There are also Interviews with various people who talk about Sitar music, the competition and what Andrew is up against. This video made me think that perhaps I ought to have actually practiced the flute more.