Iconic London Skate Park May Be Turned Into Chain Of Shops

A famous skate park on the South Bank of London may be turned into yet another stretch of retail sameness.

Underneath the Southbank Centre, which is home to several performing arts centers, is a covered area that looks like a cross between a cellar and an overly graffittied parking lot. It’s been a meeting ground for skateboarders for 40 years. Every day you can see them doing tricks on the concrete ramps and benches while tourists and locals stop to watch and take photos.

Now the Southbank Centre wants to use the skate park as retail space to fund its new Festival Wing. It’s offered to turn an area under a nearby bridge over to the skateboarders, but the local skateboarding community has rejected this, saying the new place wouldn’t have the same history or sense of tradition. They’ve started the Long Live Southbank movement and launched an online petition to save the skate park that’s garnered more than 38,000 signatures. They’ve also filed a request to the government to make it a protected community space.

While I’m not a skateboarder and am only in London part of the year, I’d be sad to see this place go. I’ve always enjoyed strolling along the South Bank. There’s an open, lively feel to it that you don’t get in most parts of the city, and the skate park is a big part of that. I always stop to watch the skateboarders do their thing. It’s obvious that this place is important to them in a way that it isn’t to me, and I don’t want their community to lose it.

Photos of Vietnam by Brian Kelley

Some beautiful photos of Vietnam recently caught my eye. Taken by Brian Kelley, these shots relay to viewers the journey he and nine other skateboarders were on when they traveled through Vietnam (as well as Myanmar, Cambodia, and Thailand) as a part of a project called Visual Traveling.

The Vietnam series, which can be found on Brian Kelley’s website, contains photos that are each examples of a thousand words being crammed into a single still. Motorcycles, lush landscape, small children, and rippling water come together in this short but sweet series to convey this Vietnam experience to anyone with interested eyes. These photos are expertly done and, on top of that, they have, effectively, fostered my already-growing desire to visit this gorgeous country.

Thanks: WeJetSet.com