Recession Over! $1300 ski boots arrive in time for ski season!

Economic conditions around the globe remain fragile at best, and most experts feel that it’ll be 2010 before things start to turn around. But don’t tell that to the Apex Sports Group, who are preparing to release the “most expensive ski boot in the world” next month, with the aptly named Apex Ski Boot clocking in at a staggering $1295.

And what exactly does 1300 clams buy the prospective ski bum? Well for starters, the boots come with three distinct parts, including an inner liner that can be molded to specifically fit your foot, a specially designed carbon chassis that a skier can step in and out of as needed, and a walking boot that can be used for hiking around the lodge. The custom built system is supposed to be more comfortable and flexible than anything else on the market, and the designers say it may be possible to even drive in the boots.

The Apex system is also significantly lighter than most other boots on the market too, tipping the scales at just 8.5 pounds, roughly two pounds lighter than most other boots. That may not seem all that significant out of the box, but you’ll come to appreciate the lighter weight after a full day on the slopes.

For now, the boots will only be available through the Apex website or in specialty shops in Aspen, Vail, and other Colorado ski resorts. The company hopes to sell 1200 pairs this season, recession be damned. The question is, are these boots just over priced hype or are they poised to become the luxury brand of ski gear?