“Princess” Kyla Ebbert’s MySpace Photos: Her Other Outfit

I’ve pretty much had it with the Kyla Ebbert, Southwest Airlines, skimpy skirt story, but a few interesting tidbits surfaced that were too good to pass up. I feel like the TMZ of the travel world, but here it goes — a real piece of journalese….

The geeks (I mean that in the nicest way!) over at Jaunted noticed that while Kyla quickly switched her MySpace profile to private after Skirtgate, Google’s cache of the page remained public. What did they find? Kyla’s airplane clothes may have been provocative, but that’s nothing compared to her “going out” lingerie clothes (right). To see a, uh, different angle, be sure and check out this image… though it could be not-safe-for-work.

“I can’t imagine what ‘oh seven’ will bring cuz 06 was AMAZING,” she wrote on her Myspace blog in January. I bet she never thought she’d be famous for the reasons she is — that’s for sure.