Music is Airborne at the Stratford Music Festival

If you’re planning on heading to Ontario this summer for the Stratford Music Festival, you’ll be treated to a unique performance that comes from the sky. The music festival is introducing what they call The Sky Orchestra, which consists of several hot air balloons, each with a speaker attached, that float through the sky over Stratford and delight the crowds with music and readings from A Midsummers Nights’ Dream.

The obvious benefit of this type of music performance is that you don’t have to crank your neck and sit on someone’s shoulders in order to see the stage, but the drawback is that you will have to get up early — the performance starts at the ghastly hour of 7am, presumably to lull festival-goers out of their slumber with the soothing sounds of the symphony.

The Sky Orchestra happens this Saturday, August 11th, in Stratford.

Thanks to Marilyn at Intelligent Traveler for the tip!