Japan’s Skycycle is A Pedal-Powered Roller Coaster

Though Japan’s Skycycle doesn’t have any loop-the-loops, I think the roller coaster still qualifies as “terrifying.” Located in the mountains of Japan’s Okayama prefecture, the coaster looms over the city of Kurashiki, looking like it could come toppling down onto the city at any moment.

Carrying two pedalers at a time, the carts on the unique coaster — part of the Kurashiki Tivoli Park — probably don’t provide that cheek-smooshing feeling that really, really fast coasters give, but that’s what frightens me so much: being able to stop and look around must be nerve-wracking. Admittedly, though, the carts’ pink baskets certainly add a soothing, calming effect.

Unlike “regular” coasters that maintain an equal distance between cars, it appears that you can cycle up on the car ahead of you and shout at them. Gosh, I’d hate to be behind the guy who can’t cycle up that first incline…

[Via Neatorama]