Video Of The Day: Woman ‘Walks The Line’ Between Two Speeding Trucks

On a deserted highway in Vrgorac, Croatia, Faith Dickey walks a slackline between two speeding trucks as they barrel toward a tunnel. Slacklining is an increasingly popular extreme sport developed by climbers in Yosemite Valley, California, in the 1970s and 1980s. It is similar to tightrope walking, but instead of walking on a taut steel cable slackliners make their way across a piece of nylon webbing anchored between two points. Although this high production video was filmed by Volvo to show off the company’s new FH model truck, Dickey’s abilities (as well as those of the truck drivers) are not any less impressive.

“The stunt itself had to have been the most difficult line I have ever walked,” writes Dickey on her website. “It took numerous rehearsals and numerous attempts, the ratio of walks to falls was quite distanced. Unlike a slackline, where you cause the movement, the line between trucks was moving due to bumps in the road and of course any sway in the trailers where the line was attached.”

Gadlinks for Wednesday 9.16.09

Happy Hump Day, Gadlingers! I’m happy to report that the weather here in Chico, otherwise known as college party town USA, couldn’t be better. My 1.5 year-old nephew is running circles around me and blabbering in adorable baby talk. There are travel reads aplenty this Wednesday, so let’s get started!

  • Have you ever considered slacklining? I have, but I think I’ll stick to a line just one or two feet from the ground. [via Been-Seen]
  • There is an art to sleeping on planes that many of us — and I, for one — have yet to master. This helpful article gives us a few tips on what is often for me the most tedious part of traveling. [via Jaunted]
  • Everyone is insisting that summer is over, but I can’t really tell. Everywhere I’ve been the sunshine has been abundant and my skin remains summer-bronzed. But if you’re craving the endless summer, head to these sunny destinations. [via Open Travel]
  • Last but not least, my cousin and his new wife are safe and sound in Nairobi, Kenya, ready for a year-long trip of a lifetime. There will be travel stories aplenty should you feel so inclined to subscribe to their blog. [via No Hurry Curry]

‘Til tomorrow, have a great evening!

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