Word for the Travel Wise (12/18/06)

Trini FlagShould your 2007 Carnival plans be in full swing with the exception of where you’re going to crash every night after partying throughout the day or vice versa, consider renting an apartment during your stay. If you do, make sure you use the local terminology to score your cozy tropical island escape pad. I’m told it is one of the best ways to go.

Today’s word is a slang word used in Trinidad & Tobago:

bachie – apartment for a single person or bachelor

Lucky for me I was able to stay at friend’s during the past Carnival season, but if I had to do it again I’d probably get a place of my own. That way I won’t disturb my resting non-masquerading friend with my late night/early morning entrance into the apartment every time. Though it seems the whole country is out shaking their bum-bum round and round there are still some people in the world that prefer not to dress skimpy and dance around in the street. What a pity.

Definition of today’s word and past Trini slang is compliments of the online Trini dictionary.

Past Trini slang words: bawlin’, bacchanal, lime, rampalooge

Daily Candy’s Travel Lexicon: the Reader Version

Daily CandyLooks as if Daily Candy just published the latest installment of travel terms you should know. This time, however, they called on the readers to submit some of their own words and what we have a nifty handful of slanguage. Man, I sometimes wish I were clever enough to have created some of this myself; flight dependent, touron, travelenche… Here’s a full example:

gabbin pressure – n. sense of obligation to chat with the passenger next to you during a flight.

Ho-hum. Anyhow, check them out and if you see something they missed please feel free to share it here on Gadling.

Word for the Travel Wise (09/17/06)

US flagWhen I was in high school and listened to far too much hip-hop music for my own good I noticed certain words becoming a part of my vocabulary and with those words I had no clue where they were derived. I knew most of them were coming out of NY because of the artists I listened to, but aside from that I wondered how these terms ever started rolling off their tongues. Did anyone else ever stop to think? Are they still in use now or is there a current set of words in use? I’m sooo– slightly out of the know.

Today’s word is an English slang word used in the U.S.A:

dun – friend or comrade, primarily used in the Queens borough of New York City. Originated in Queensbridge.

Okay, so I had my days calling a couple of close friends dun. They were all from NY so they got it and I don’t believe I ever said it to any of my pals from other spots, but these days it almost never falls from my lips. Is this one still popular today? Anyone out there know?

If you’re wanting to know more hip-hop slang Wiki actually has a decent list to beef up your knowledge. Ch-ch-check it out!

Past English words: agro, elope, hater blockerz

Word for the Travel Wise (08/12/06)

US FlagWhy I never thought to throw this word out in the open – I don’t know. There are far too many Americans not quite in-the-know and unhip to everyday American slang. I remember casually saying the vocab bit you’ll find below in just a few seconds in a conversation and found there were several folk bewildered by the terminology.

Today’s word is an English slang word used in the U.S.A:

hater blockerz – shades, sunglasses

Let me explain this one for all who don’t already know. Ever been to a nightclub and notice an obnoxious amount of people wearing sunglasses on the dark, dimly lit dance floor? Most of us are probably wondering what the heck they are hiding from or why on Earth some people make such poor fashion statements. Well my dear friends I don’t have a good answer for you. Maybe they’re hiding from you? Perhaps you were staring too hard at their entire being. Could be it be they’re an outlaw on the run who desperately needed to dance, but couldn’t drop the disguise? Better yet – they’re probably just a victim of not-so-trendy trends. Your guess is as good as mine.

Past English words: agro, elope

Word for the Travel Wise (04/07/06)

FlagTime to get hip to Jamaican patois again. Why?
Because my travel agent says so? Duh! Because AirJamica is running ridiculous
sales and I’m sure you’re dying to save a lickle, right? Then follow my lead and we’ll both be jammin’

Today’s word is a Patois word from Jamaica:


I’m never one to gossip, but when the agent spills the rum on a sweet opportunity to
splash around in tropical island water these are tings I just can’t keep to mi self! Don’t listen to me though and
don’t be crazy mon! Go see with your own two. Just remember AirJamaica and if
they ask who sent yuh tell them it wasn’t me. I’m serious!

You can expand your ‘Rasta Patois’ in several
ways. The most rewarding way is straight from the horse’s mouth, so you may wish to seek the knowledge from some West
Indian folks in your neighborhood. If you can’t learn anything that way due to the low number of West Indian peeps in
your circle, try watching films. The Rockers is an awesome
and entertaining starting point. The 25th anniversary edition DVD has great features, including a small Rasta Patois
dictionary. A good source on the net is Jamaicans dot com and Jahworks seems decent.

Patois words: satta, gwaan